The Future of Nutraceuticals Packaging

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The demand for nutraceuticals sees competitive growth and revenue generating potential. This dietary supplements and enhanced diets provide nutritional benefits that are abundant. The main players concentrate on innovative packaging strategies as a way of maintaining rivalry for progress in innovations in both the pharmaceutical and food and beverage sectors.

For improved shelf life and damage-free shipping, which are key drivers in this market, all these goods need special care. Here are 4 notable patterns found in nutraceutical packaging.

Countering Falsification 

Fraud is increasing at an unprecedented pace. When it comes to dealing with items like nutraceuticals, which are purchased by a vast number of clients, the credibility of a company is important. When there is substantial competition in the market, this becomes much more important. 

Therefore manufactures are using a range of innovative packaging methods, such as hologram-enabled identification, anti-diversion codes, distinctive signatures, hidden inks and product security technology.

Safety is essential 

Manufacturers are motivated to follow eye-catching as well as innovative packaging with a sea of nutraceuticals made ready for sale annually to attract the attention of customers. The inclusion of safety measures will create a hurdle when it comes to preserving the visual attractiveness of a packaged product.

Similarly, a big trend in this sector is the quest for and acquisition of flexible packaging to shield goods from degradation, moisture, dehydration, bacteria, microbes and other hazards. This kind of packaging retains space and decreases weight, which is a big plus for both storage and shipping.

Emphasis on accountability for the environment 

Growing environmental issues and the long-term consequences of the use of such packaging materials have made the suppliers of the industry more careful. Increasing adoption of healthier lifestyles and sustainability affects customer decisions as many products, including nutraceuticals, are bought.

A big consumer shift is the introduction of green packaging solutions; for example, the transition from plastic to paper is very noticeable in the nutraceutical packaging industry. While plastic bottles continue to be a major component of the packaging industry, several beverage manufacturers are seeking to innovate.

Adapting to emerging customer demands 

Consumer demands continue to evolve, and is an important aspect for producers of nutraceutical packaging to remember.  Associated with the need for simple marking and child-safe materials, there is a steady growth in trends such as: Travel-friendly packaging for compact storage, use and throw packaging for a pre-measured dose, pre-measured blister dose of small food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, and other consumer products.

With respect to material formats, consumer favour plastic packaging, like jars, containers and bottles for supplements, whereas glass bottles are used for capsules, beverages, pills and powders. Aside from the materials, consumers often recognise the form of outer boxes, caps, labels, tamper-proof locks, package inserts, and inner cotton etc,

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