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The fastest rising segments of the healthcare industry are private label over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. Private label partners obtain cost-effective, convenient options through the Contract OTC Product Packaging USA, as well as the trust that their product is specifically made to the utmost value requirements.

The product line of MAK Pharma’s clients includes Analgesics Goods, Cough & Cold, Allergies, Antacids, Sleep Support & Wakefulness Aids, Laxatives, and many more.

Contract OTC Product packaging

MAK Pharma is one of the best OTC Product Packaging in New jersey and the MAK Pharma solution for private labels is fully functional:

  • Customized packaging of pharmaceuticals and vitamins
  • Flexible choices in containers
  • Labeling accuracy
  • Several reliable alternatives for fulfillment

This is all achieved inside the state-of-the-art pharmaceutical production and handling facility of MAK Pharma. We maintain our position as the most trustworthy partner and reliable outlet for the fulfillment of private labeling by exercising full control over consistency at any point of production. A huge number of OTC pharmaceuticals and supplements are part of our collection. Our researchers routinely design custom formulations that satisfy particular consumer demands successfully and conform to the stringent quality standards and required safety protocols. For performance, expertise, and dependability, contract rely on us. Our versatility helps us to fulfill the over-the-counter (OTC) prescription or dietary supplement development needs of either partner.