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Our packaging lines facilitate high capacity production and quick turnaround times as well as product versatility. With a diverse packaging selection.

MAK Pharma is a turn-key contract packager that provides Contract Packaging Solutions in New Jersey includes industrial packaging, releases of products, stability services. Our packaging lines promote the development of high capacity and fast delivery times as well as the flexibility of the product and a diversified range of packaging.

For years, to offer the most robust and versatile Contract Packaging in New Jersey as well as the delivery services possible, we have been improving our procedures and practices. We are a licensed FDA organization and a valued advisor for firms of all sizes. To strengthen our offerings, we pride ourselves on being early investors in emerging technologies. Our staff and innovative strategies provide our consumers with a positive bottom-line gap.

MAK Pharma’s Contract Packaging involves in-house plastic bottle blow molding along with full mixing, filling, labeling, and packaging facilities for products. At Mak Pharma, our Contract Bottling Companies in New York have assisted many businesses to move from an internal packaging process to a high-volume distribution relationship. It is only because of the big success that we are the chosen co-packing affiliate in New York, with many ready-to-drink beverage firms.

Our broad list of contract packaging capabilities may be customized to meet the needs of any consumer. From concept to delivery, we handle full contract packaging assignments. Our group is known for its adaptable-but-calm strategy. Our consumers believe we’re a partner so they don’t have to think about it. To learn a little about how our co-packing solutions can help accomplish your business objectives, call us directly.

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