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Quality Blister Packaging

By providing you within layout, local procurement of packaging materials, along with final blister packaging installation, MAK Pharma will handle your full project of Blister Packaging in Northeast, all of which will aid guarantee the performance of your product at the point of sale. With years of delivering the most up-to-date and appropriate blister packaging templates to clients, our team will manage every phase of the process to ensure that the package has the correct characteristics to compete in retail. We’re an “instant” specialist, so don’t worry about strict schedules.

Powerful strategic packaging

And time, we take pride in delivering the ideal, most cost-effective product packaging solution. One of the most common strategies for retailing a product is a blister box since it is transparent under a glossy covering, allowing the buyer a complete view of the product while shielding it from the soil, moisture, and fraud.

Make your Blister catchy

Use the blister card as a “billboard” to express the message about the use and functionality of the items. Choosing the appropriate size blister card helps you to explain in depth your goods while attracting vibrant and “catchy” visuals to the customer.

Our selections for Blister Packaging include face seal blister, trap blister, 2 way blister, and combination clamshell, and blister and so on. A MAK Pharma Blister pack’s flexibility offers many advantages for brand owners. For several reasons, our customers chose this packaging type, including branding, cost-efficiency, short lead times, tamper evident, and many more.

What makes us different?

Nobody provides the low cost of access, faster accuracy, selection of products and gauges, manufacturing efficiencies, and warehouse versatility that we provide, considering today’s imitators. Our team at MAK Pharma blends your order with the orders of our customers who have a similar set-up. On the same board, we group limited batches of the same scale such that both share the expense of the manufacturing equipment, resulting in a unit cost equal to much larger runs.