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We fulfill your standards

Health-conscious customers demand a wide range of ways and packages to provide their dietary supplements, and MAK Pharma should fulfill those standards. Our services of Dietary supplement Powder Packaging in the Northeast are established to oversee a wide range of Dietary supplement powder products, supplied to your consumer needs in any shape or supplement packaging.

What we offer

We offer a broad range of choices for powder packaging. We do it all from simple, transparent bottles to pouches and capsule packaging. We are able to make your preferred package design fit the exclusive look and colors of your brand. When it takes to package design and production, our experience and understanding give you a strategic advantage, something that is consistent with your branding and bodes well for your customers. We will assist you in making a personalized formula, encapsulating a capsule with your formula, bottling your material, and adding a bottle label. In capsule manufacturing, there are vast options for scale, texture, and form. Colors can be paired with the mark of the brand, and capsules can also be text-inscribed.

Automatic packaging machines

The automatic packaging machines we have make it a procedure that is simple, safe, and efficient. For the sake of longevity and uniqueness, whether you’re searching for price-conscious containers or able to pay a little more, here at MAK Pharma, we keep hold of finding the right packaging for your items. MAK Pharma is your one-stop platform for the production and distribution of supplements to drive your brand to the edge.

Skilled labor and techniques

In order to prolong the life span of the end product, all powders are packaged using MAK Pharma’s custom packing systems and put in temperature and humidity controlled situations. This means that the powders of our client are professionally treated from obtaining into the process of packing.